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08 Dec 2011

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The FX-Men Rocks It Out for the Holidays!

It’s 10 days before Christmas! All of us from the BabyPips.com team wanted to get into the holiday spirit so we figured we’d make a little something something for you!

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve been giving us, so Cyclopip suggested that we do exactly this. You guys have no idea how the rest… Read more…

24 Nov 2011

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HOW TO: Install MT4Sync for MeetPips.com

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to set up MT4Sync with your MeetPips.com account!

If you have any questions or suggestions, hit us up via support@meetpips.com.

22 Nov 2011

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The Inner Musings of InnerCircleTrader

InnerCircleTrader has been with the BabyPips.com Community for over a year now. He’s been pretty generous with the help and knowledge that he’s been sharing with our fellow traders in the Forums. He’s well known for his webinars and for his What Every New or Aspiring FX Trader Wants To Know thread. Not to mention, hordes of… Read more…

16 Nov 2011

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What’s Been Cooking in the MeetPips.com Kitchen?

Since the new Trade Journal feature update, we’ve had some ideas on the back burner on how to make it even better! This time, we’re hoping to keep the momentum going by serving you a bunch of improvements for trade journaling–and even a little something extra on the side!

Publish Open and Pending Trades from your Trade Basket

Now, aside… Read more…

15 Nov 2011

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FX-Men Honorary Members | Gottfried Grosshans

Occupy Wall Street has been on the news for some time now – may it be online, TV or even on my Twitter timeline! Who knew even Brad Pitt has something to say about it?! That kind of reminded me of the time when we actually sat through the whole of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (the remake… Read more…

09 Nov 2011

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Analyst Arena IS Back!

Have you figured out what kind of trader you are? And have you decided which market analysis you’re going to use? Will you be using the Technical or Fundamental analysis? Or maybe the Sentiment analysis? No…? Then you better check out the Analyst Arena then!

What’s the Analyst Arena, you ask? It’s the forum… Read more…

02 Nov 2011

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Hollering Cowabunga with Pip Surfer

While channel surfing, I came across a re-run of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know, I know. It says way too much about my age. But anyways, I gave in to the kid in me and watched. If you’re a fan, you’d know that the Turtles are huge fans of pizza (much like how Garfield is obsessed with… Read more…

25 Oct 2011

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MeetPips.com’s New Journal Trade Feature

We hope you all liked the recent MeetPips.com site makeover! This time around, this latest update’s going to give you a shiny new toy to play with. We’ve heard you ask for it, so our team of crazydiculous developers has been working around the clock to get the new journal trade feature up and running — and if we do… Read more…

19 Oct 2011

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The Updated Broker Aid Station List

Noob or not, it’s essential for every trader to know about the different brokers out there. That’s why we’ve created the Broker Aid Station so you guys can have a place to ask broker-related questions and get answers directly from their representatives!

If you’re a current or prospective client, check them out and ask your questions. We’re pretty… Read more…

12 Oct 2011

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Forex_Vendetta, Who?

I know, that’s the first thing I said, too, as soon as the FX-Men mentioned him to me. Apparently, Forex_Vendetta or Koz has been tweeting with them a lot and has left a good impression on the guys. The FX-Men has been saying good, if not great, things about Koz for a week, so I couldn’t help myself but… Read more…