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05 Jan 2012

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Big Pippin Tells All

If you’re wondering what’s behind Big Pippin’s swagger, wonder no more! I’ve got the scoop right here!

How did you ever get into forex trading? Does your smooth-talking-overconfident-personality help your trading style?

I wouldn’t say I’m overconfident (at least not anymore). I just got swag, girl. But to answer your question, yes, being confident has played aRead more…

16 Nov 2011

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What’s Been Cooking in the MeetPips.com Kitchen?

Since the new Trade Journal feature update, we’ve had some ideas on the back burner on how to make it even better! This time, we’re hoping to keep the momentum going by serving you a bunch of improvements for trade journaling–and even a little something extra on the side!

Publish Open and Pending Trades from your Trade Basket

Now, aside… Read more…

09 Nov 2011

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Analyst Arena IS Back!

Have you figured out what kind of trader you are? And have you decided which market analysis you’re going to use? Will you be using the Technical or Fundamental analysis? Or maybe the Sentiment analysis? No…? Then you better check out the Analyst Arena then!

What’s the Analyst Arena, you ask? It’s the forum… Read more…

25 Oct 2011

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MeetPips.com’s New Journal Trade Feature

We hope you all liked the recent MeetPips.com site makeover! This time around, this latest update’s going to give you a shiny new toy to play with. We’ve heard you ask for it, so our team of crazydiculous developers has been working around the clock to get the new journal trade feature up and running — and if we do… Read more…

09 Sep 2011

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Someone wrote a song for BabyPips.com!

Trib-ute (noun)

a : something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection

b : something (as material evidence or a formal attestation) that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question

Giving someone a tribute is one thing, but receiving it is another… Read more…

09 Aug 2011

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FX-Men Honorary Member | Mike

It’s time to get to know yet another FX-Men Honorary Member!

The guy we’re featuring today has been with the BabyPips.com community for about 2 years now. The forum moderation team has always been grateful for his help as he’s been very active in reporting spammers, trolls and bugs he encounters on our site.

You’ll also never get bored with… Read more…

16 Jun 2011

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MT4Sync’s Newest Version Now Available for Download

It’s been a while since I’ve heard something about MT4Pips.com. I remember the last time was when Anne wrote a blog about it. She wrote a teaser about the new version of MT4Sync that will be available soon. It’s been 2 months since we last heard anything from that one so I went ahead and did my own research… Read more…

28 May 2011

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When is the New MeetPips.com Really Coming?

That’s our question too!

I was told that the MeetPips.com Support Team has been receiving emails asking about the launch date of the new MeetPips.com. It’s overwhelming to know that you guys are just as excited as we are!

According to the video, it’s coming Spring 2011. If I’m doing my math right, that means we still have a couple… Read more…

04 May 2011

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BabyPips.com’s Young Barista and Part-Time Forex Trader – Huck!

In the middle of drowning in work last week, I decided that I was in need of a coffee break. I went to the office cafeteria to get a cup of café latte. I thought this would help in reversing the effects of sleep deprivation. Little did I know this decision was the effect of the stars aligning for me!… Read more…

12 Apr 2011

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What are Traders up to this Month?

OMG. It’s April already! And I still have Christmas flabs in several areas of my body! My goodness, how time flies!

Not sure about you but where I’m from, we’re just about getting ready to show off some skin and hit the beach! First, we have to get April out of the way though. And then May…

…Okay, fine. So… Read more…